Turn Your Phone Into A Virtual Billboard!

Introducing The VF-Gem by Royaltie. Create Your Virtual Advertisement, Track both your impressions and clicks, & Broadcast From Your Phone’s location or target any specific location.

Lead Generation Technology For Small Business Owners

Proximity Marketing Made Simple

Advertise On Major Websites & Apps In a Targeted Location with the new VF-Gem giving you the capability to turn your cell phone into the most powerful portable billboard. With a range of 1000m you can turn your cell phone into the best proximity marketing device on the planet.

Your ad will broadcast on Facebook, YouTube, CNN, ESPN, Instagram, & hundreds more giving you an unprecedented reach to potential new customers all around you.


Royaltie is 100% focused on providing the best proximity marketing software in the world, to help your business attract more customers. While traditional marketing methods like are expensive and inflexible, we offer a simple, effective way to get your message in front of more people near you.


Your high-quality ad will be displayed on the most popular apps & websites on the phones, laptops and tablets of the people around you. Our clients range from small business owners, marketers, realtors, and independent sales reps, to major corporations, seeing the incredible benefits of proximity marketing.


Our suite of products includes Virtual Gems & two Guest Wi-Fi devices. Included with every purchase is unlimited access to the Royaltie App where you can create your ads, landing pages & keep you and your team organized anywhere any time. Digital marketing made effortless. Guaranteed results, easy setup, & low monthly fees.

Free Guest Wi-Fi

Royaltie allows you to offer free Guest Wi-Fi to those around you, either inside your business with the Uplink Pro or anywhere any time with the Uplink Mobile.  Users gain access to your Free Wi-Fi network, in exchange for their contact information.

Free Wi-Fi is a powerful lead generation strategy, used by some of the largest companies in the world like Starbucks and McDonald’s. Now you can build your marketing list the same way, with your own simple, affordable Guest Wi-Fi offering.

Benefits of Joining The Royaltie Elite

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